About Me

Hi, I’m Austin Germer and I live in the San Francisco bay area.  I started my career in driving simulation over 19 years ago.  I worked in simulation for 8 years until I got the opportunity to work for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment on Stargate Worlds.  There I learned the “ins and outs” of video game production from a talented group of people.  Due to the financial crisis, investors who were funding the game cut off their funding and the game was cancelled.  I then had the opportunity to work for a French Studio called Arkane Studios.  I moved to Lyon France and worked at Arkane for 3 years on “Brink” and “Dishonored”.  I’ve recently had an opportunity to work on 2K’s “The Bureau; XCOM declassified” and Mafia III.

I am passionate about art, video games, comic books, movies, camping, hiking, basketball, french food and culture, and last but not least my family.  I have over 11 years experience in the games industry and 8 years experience in Simulation.  I have a Bachelors degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah.  I’ve been lucky enough to work along side some great artists in the industry and to learn a great deal from them and absolutely love working in the games industry.

You can also check out my new Artstation page which is still in it’s infancy: https://www.artstation.com/austingermer

Oh and I’m a big fan of  Star Wars.