MAFIA III – (OCT 2017)


Oct 2014 – July 2017 | Novato, CA

Mafia III is an open world action game that takes place in New Bordeaux (a fictional New Orleans), in the turbulant south in the late 1960’s.  I was one of the leads on the environment team over all the props in the game.  I started my work paired up with designers working on unique hideouts.  I worked on four hideouts altogether before I moved over to managing all the prop production.

I worked with veteran designers in developing the following hideouts: Sports bar (Adam Różycki), Vito’s hideout (Original layout by Robert Berger, finished by Kevin Au Young), Cigar warehouse (Jamie Uhrmacher), Slaughterhouse (Jamie Uhrmacher).  We researched these areas and worked together to flesh out different gameplay areas including combat areas, sneaking areas, secret entrances.  We weaved small environmental plotlines into each area to help add depth and emotion into the spaces.  We explored elevation, angles of attack, and different ways of gating the player while keeping it in an open world.  We had a studio mantra of “No Failure but Death” which meant that the only failure we allowed was for the player to die, this played into each decision.  We were constantly concious of our game metrics and used them as a solid foundation.  We worked together to call out suitable props and I modeled them and prepped them for outsourcing as we progressed.  We went through different stages of readiness until they were ready to be handed off  to outsourcing.

When I became the Lead over props I worked with the tech team to ensure a high level of dynamic, destructive and interaction with the props through out the world.  Priorities included staying within the streaming memory budget of unique and generic assets.  I help manage the outsourcing of assets as well as their integration.  I also modeled multiple greybox hideouts, models and rulers for the game.  I then helped take them to final.  I also helped polish multiple textures and meshes late in development.



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