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February 2010 – July 2012 | Lyon, France

  • Oversaw the production of all environmental assets, backgrounds, pickups, breakables, moveable objects and interactive objects.
  • Defined techniques used to achieve visual results on environmental assets.
  • Designed modular building structure templates and other architectual structures to look great while staying within the performance constraints.
  • Planned out milestone schedules for env team of up to 17 artists throughout game.

As Lead Environmental Artist I took direction from the art director and defined a pipeline to achieve the look and feel he wanted.  The visual designer Viktor Antonov helped us envision a new city loosely based 1800’s London.  I lead a team of 17 artists to create all the assets that would make up Dunwall and its surrounding environments.  We took inspiration from many classic painters such as Jean Leon Gerome, Charles Delort, Edouard Cortes and many more.  I worked with the team to use the same artistic techniques and methods in order to help the game look and feel cohesive.  I handled the day to day management of the team, assuring continuous progress towards a “vertical slice”, then a “pretty corner”, then entire environmental sets, until finally reaching “content complete”.  I coordinated the bug fixing for the visual environmental bugs and worked closely with producers to ensure schedules were met and that all the different teams had their needs met.

Here are some screenshots of the environments that I worked on.  As Lead Env Artist I managed the production of all environmental assets.  I worked with the designers and the architects to create an asset list, and then set up the schedules and pipelines for their completion.  Each of these screenshots show assets that I created, but I didn’t create everything in these shots.  I’ve tried to spell out below what I did in each area.  Here is what I did by zone:

In the streets I worked on all the modular building sets, one of the shop fronts (the left one) the white painted brick textures, the lamp posts and the metal balcony.  I also helped design many assets and worked on the polishing of each of these areas.

In Boyle Mansion I helped create the interior wall set, I created the trees, the walls in the courtyard, and worked on the building modular set (not the mansion but the surrounding buildings).  I also created the fountain and the shop front.

In Bridge I created the much of the upper and lower dock walls, the metal stairs and walkways, many of the brick textures, I also worked on the optimisation of the bridge pieces.

In the Golden Cat (brothel) I worked on the modular building pieces (not the white building), most of the brick textures, the metal balcony,  some of the interior walls, the grounds and did a uniform pass on the golden cat textures.

In the Lighthouse I worked on the modular metal dock pieces and the pillars, the metal walls, many of the main stone walls, including the entrance area.  I also worked on much of the upper lighthouse area including the glass roof, the main lighthouse walls, and about one third of the the upper structure.

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