The Bureau – XCOM Declassified

As Lead Modeler at 2K Marin, I arrived in the final stages of production on The Bureau: XCOM declassified. We had a large amount of work to accomplish in a short amount of time. I organized and structured the team, making changes where needed in the pipeline to achieve our goals. I worked to improve the handoff and interaction between the Art team and other teams to help the game and studio as a whole succeed. I helped make a large change in the art direction to a more realistic style, while still maintaining a period look. I worked with the artists to help them achieve great results in modeling, baking and texturing assets while keeping performance in mind for current gen systems. I worked with the QA team and managed the bug database bugs for my team. I also worked with other leads, optimizing and balancing memory throughout the game to achieve smooth¬†frame rates¬† I also worked on a small team to make a special version of the game for High end PC’s.

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